Fall 2017

As we carry on with our own work here at DECIMA, we continue to support the efforts of our collaborators and the ways they make the DECIMA data truly come alive. This fall, take a look at the work of outstanding undergraduate collaborators as we work toward adding more information to the DECIMA mapping tool.



Over the summer, DECIMA team members finished creating data sets for the 1561 residential and bottega documents and will begin rolling them out this fall. We’re also continuing to deepen collaborations with related projects at University of Chicago and University of Exeter. Stay tuned for a new layer mapping the location of publicly-posted sound laws (lapide), a walking tour of sixteenth-century Florence, and more!
Why did Eleonara of Toledo, rather than her husband Cosimo I, own two former Albizzi properties in Florence? Explore these questions and more in “Cosimo I, Eleonora of Toledo, and the House of Medici,” a tour of Medici-owned properties in 1561 created by University of Toronto undergraduate Ursula Carmichael.
Recent Wilfried Laurier grad Heather Smith recreates the music of Florentine festivals in “Sonorities of the Street: Music and Identity in Renaissance Florence (1484-1539).” Have a look (and a listen) here.



This project is supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

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